Why create entertainment?

Take a look at any book or piece of art, any building, concept, or story. The author made it, and left the work behind forever. The piece lives on by itself and can help, entertain and enrich others long after it was created. It can still be built and expanded upon, spark ideas for new works and products, or convert someone’s bad day into a better one. Creations make you think, feel, and act.

With Past Future Entertainment, I want to contribute positive creations to this world and spend my time worthwhile, while also enjoying it. That is, why I do what I do. Ideally, this extends in offering more and new opportunities to others.

I truly believe that the sky’s not the limit. That said “sky” is only a temporary horizon we see from our current point of view, both in life and professional experience. With continuous growth and dedicated effort towards personal and professional goals, our amazing future lies far beyond what we currently perceive.

Let’s learn and try something new, every day!


The sky's not the limit!