A moment for a milestone

Taking a moment to celebrate a small milestone today: Past Future Entertainment has navigated its way through its first five challenging years of existence. It’s been quite a journey so far, filled with as many expected as unexpected challenges. There were and will be as much storms as opportunities along the way, bringing a good amount of experience points and fresh perspectives. Still sailing steadily in the right direction, I am happy to share that Past Future Entertainment is still actively working on own IP, and will continue to do so. On the way to challenging goals, you might fall, over and over. Stand back up and try again with a different approach, as there is always a possible path, towards any goal. You just need to figure out how to make it: do, reflect, adjust, and continue to take action. To another five years! And now, back to work!

Ship navigating to its goal
Ship navigating to its goal – image by DALL-E 3